• FABIA
        New Fabia
        • ​​Modern engines from 75 hp up to 110 hp
        • ​​The most economic Fabia in SKODA history
        • ​​Innovative technologies: Mirrorlink and Smart Gate systems​
        • till330l /1150l
        • from4l/100km
        • from107g/km
        We start where others end
        • Unbeatable luggage compartment in its class
        • New assistants and innovative comfort and infotainment systems
        • ​​Powerful and efficient engines​
        • till530l /1395l
        • from4l/100km
        • from107g/km
      • NEW RAPID
        NEW RAPID
        A compact hatchback with modern technology and room for the whole family
        • Hi-tech equipment like bi-xenon headlamps or Auto Light Assist
        • ​​Connectivity at the advanced level – SmartLink+, Media Command and 2 USB ports rear
        • New powerful and economical engines 1.0 TSI with 70 kW and 81 kW​
        • till550l /1490l
        • from3,9l/100km
        • from101g/km
      • RAPID
        Leader in a compact liftback class!
        • ​A new design language – clear, precise and elegant​​

        • “Simply clever” details like the ice scraper on the fuel tank cover and etc

        • Complete set of safety systems​​

        • till550l /1490l
        • from4,4l/100km
        • from114g/km
        A stylish compact hatchback with modern technology
        • Hi-tech equipment like bi-xenon headlamps or Auto Light Assist
        • ​​Connectivity at the advanced level – SmartLink+, Media Command and 2 USB ports rear ​​
        • New powerful and economical engines 1.0 TSI with 70 kW and 81 kW​
        • till415l /1381l
        • from3,9l/100km
        • from101g/km
        ‘Heart of the brand’ in new top form
        • New design elements in the front and rear, full-LED headlights
        • ŠKODA Connect mobile online services
        • State-of-the-art driver assistance systems​
        • till590l /1580l
        • from3,9l/100km
        • from102g/km
        A space bestseller in new top form
        • ​New design elements in the front and rear, full-LED headlights
        • ​ŠKODA Connect mobile online services
        • State-of-the-art driver assistance systems​
        • till610l /1740l
        • from3,9l/100km
        • from102g/km
      • SUPERB
        The new flagship with revolutionary design, top comfort and innovative connectivity
        • ​​​The new efficient engines with power from 180 hp up to 280 hp
        • The top interior spaciousness in its class​​
        • ​​The biggest luggage capacity in class - 625 l / ​1760 l
        • till625l /1760l
        • from3,8l/100km
        • from100g/km
        A crystal captivating and most spacious estate with state-of-the-art technology
        • ​​A luggage compartment with a basic volume of 660 litres
        • Many innovative safety and comfort assist systems
        • Maximum comfort with the Dynamic Chassis Control​
        • till660l /1950l
        • from4l/100km
        • from100g/km
      • KODIAQ
        As strong as a bear
        • The design of ŠKODA’s new large SUV conveys strength and protection
        • Size, strength, family spirit
        • Discover new grounds​
        • till720l /2065l
        • from4,9l/100km
        • from129g/km
      • KAROQ
        The new compact SUV with character
        • ​Full LED headlights and a digital instrument panel
        • ​​Off-road mode, state-of-the-art technology, ŠKODA Connect
        • Spacious and variable interior thanks to VarioFlex rear seats​
        • till521l /1630l
        • from4,5l/100km
        • from117g/km


Leading-edge technology for your pleasure

The ŠKODA KAROQ’s advanced powertrains offer the pleasure of dynamic driving while keeping to low fuel consumption and emissions. The range of engines for the ŠKODA KAROQ, the option of four-wheel drive and a choice between a manual or automatic transmission give customers plenty to choose from as they come up with the ideal combination for their needs.

All-wheel drive

The new ŠKODA KAROQ is available with the latest generation of electronically controlled multi-plate clutches.

One engine (2.0 TDI/110 kW) is available with state-of-the-art all-wheel drive, guaranteeing excellent traction, high driving stability and safety even off the road.

The control unit constantly calculates the optimal distribution of torque to both axles so as to prevent loss of vehicle control. Under normal conditions, most of the torque is directed to the front wheels, thereby saving fuel.

Green Technologies

The new ŠKODA KAROQ excels not only in its dynamic handling, but also in its focus on low fuel consumption
and CO2 emissions.
All engines comply with EU6 emission standards and boast features including a Start-Stop System and brake energy recovery as standard.

The new KAROQ uses active cylinder technology (ACT). In the 1.5 TSI/110 kW (150 bhp) engine, the combined consumption is 5.4 – 5.6 l/100 km, depending on the drive and transmission type selected, which corresponds to 122 - 127 g CO2/km.
Brake energy recovery
What happens when energy is recovered? Kinetic energy is transformed into usable electricity, which is stored in the battery or used in electric systems. During engine braking, the alternator supplies the electricity to appliances and recharges the battery. This saves on the fuel that would otherwise be used for these tasks.
Active Cylinder Technology (ACT)
ACT means that the second and third cylinders are temporarily shut down. In two-cylinder mode, the engine runs more efficiently. Depending on the driving style, the technology can lower consumption by more than 0.5 l/100 km. ACT is activated in an engine speed range between 1,250 and 4,000 rpm, at a torque of between 25 and 100 Nm and at velocities of up to 130 km/h.
Start-Stop system
The idea of the Start-Stop system is to switch the engine off every time there is no need for it to be running, a particularly practical feature in an urban environment, where it cuts down significantly on fuel consumption. The Start-Stop system is activated automatically after the engine is started and can be manually switched off at any time.
Gear recommendation
The right choice of gear ratio can save fuel and increase driving comfort. Lower engine speeds equate to lower fuel consumption and quieter engine operation. The symbols in the upper right corner of the display either confirm that the current gear is correct or recommend changing up or down a gear.
Eco Mode (Driving Mode Select)
One of the modes offered by the Driving Mode Selection system is Eco – a mode for environmentally conscious drivers who make economical driving a priority. A specific feature of the Eco mode is coasting mode in cars with automatic DSG transmission. Coasting mode is used when you are driving without your foot on the accelerator.

Just the right size

The new KAROQ is neither big, nor small. It’s not big when you need to park in a row of cars on the street, and it’s not small when you need to transport your family or a larger load. The 2,638 mm wheelbase hints at the interior roominess and ample longitudinal space. Likewise, the luggage compartment, offering a volume of 521 litres, is top of the class.